The idea of Loss Rayne began in December 2004 as a concept between two Lubbock, TX musicians- vocalist Kasi Painter and guitarist Keenan LeVick- to create an honest and heartfelt music with no boundaries, no pop time frames, and no cookie-cutter templates to adhere to. The idea was simple: let the music be what it will be, become what it will become, let influence and feeling reign supreme. 

Loss Rayne

By March 2005, both Painter and LeVick were busy writing songs and playing small acoustic shows in Austin. Audience response was immediately positive. Enemy House, a local label, took interest and talks of recording a full-length album began. The name Loss Rayne was decided upon, and Austin favorite Patrick "Trick" Durrett took on bass duties, filling in the sonic gaps and helping Keenan and Kasi flesh out the sound. In October, the band began rehearsing for 12 original tracks for their debut album, Fragile Mind, with drummer Anthony Clarkson behind the kit.

At the end of January 2006, the band went into A-Valve studios with engineer Rob Hinton of 2222 Productions behind the board. They raised eyebrows when it took them no more than a week to finish all initial tracking. On June 13th, Fragile Mind dropped into hundreds of eager hands, and the album continues to see rapid sales.

Loss Rayne

After crafting their performance chops and playing a number of successful local shows and festivals, along with generating a strong word-of-mouth buzz, Loss Rayne decided to throw a party to celebrate the success of Fragile Mind on October 14, 2006. The week leading up to the 14th found the band interviewing with Loris Lowe on KLBJ 93.7 FM, FOX 7 News in the Morning, and Caitlin Minnich at KOOP 91.7 FM. Teaming up with Austin legend Malford Milligan, they finally threw the party they had been waiting for at the renowned Alligator Grill in Austin. The house was packed as they continuously threw electrical breakers throughout their set.

The following months found Loss Rayne busy- signing a deal with Mesa Records and playing numerous shows in Austin, College Station, Dallas , Houston, and Stillwater, Oklahoma, to generous reception.  In May 2007, they found a welcome addition to the band in drummer Jestin Parks.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Loss Rayne. Look for them wandering about Texas, a dynamic electric blues/rock experience churning rhythm under Kasi Painter's whiskey-worn voice.

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